Thursday, May 18, 2017

Awas Penggunaan Domperidone Sebagai Milk Booster

FDA Warns Against Use of Breast Milk Booster

Domperidone Not Approved for Use in U.S., Raising Safety Concerns

June 8, 2004 -- The FDA is warning breastfeedingwomen not to use an unapproved drug called domperidone to increase breast milk production.

The agency says there have been several reports of severe health risks, including irregular heartbeats, cardiac arrest, and sudden death, associated with use of the drug that have led to its withdrawal from the market in several countries.

Researchers say domperidone is also excreted inbreast milk and may expose infants to unknown health risks.

FDA officials say they issued the warning after they discovered that some women whobreastfeed and/or pump breast milk are purchasing domperidone from compounding pharmacies and from foreign countries to increase their breast milk production.

Domperidone has not been approved for use in the U.S., and officials say use of the drug for any purpose is illegal.

Domperidone may increase the secretion of the hormone prolactin, which is needed for lactation. However, due to the risk of serious adverse effects, the FDA recommends that breastfeeding women not use the drug to increase milk production.

Warnings Issued on Domperidone

In addition to advising women not to use the drug, this week the FDA also issued six letters to pharmacies that compound drug products containing domperidone and firms that distribute them.
The letters state that that all drug products containing domperidone are illegal and selling or distributing them violates U.S. law.
Officials say domperidone is approved for use in several countries outside the U.S. to treat somestomach disorders. But it is not approved in any country for enhancing milk production.

Source: WebMD


Julie Shahril said... [Balasan]

siti ada mkn apa2 milkbooster tak? bln pose ni production susu mcm mne?

cinta said... [Balasan]

Mula2 plan nk ambil juga. Pnah bln syaaban itu hari puasa production susu drop. Tp bila tanya sana sini ada gynae yg minta tlg hati2 pilih booster sbb ada kes bb umur baru berapa bulan dh dtg haid effect drp milk booster. Takut la pulak.
So skrg cuma lebihkan minum susu n mkn kurma je la byk2. N no stress. Hehe. Stkt ni alhamdulillah rasanya mcm menjadi jgk.

Julie Shahril said... [Balasan]

susu kita drop gila puasa ni...huhuu. baby mnum pun mcm tak puas asik menangis jer