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“I was very ambitious. Before getting married and having children, my career progress was very rapid. I always doubled my salary … and I never wanted children. I never planned to nor had any inclination to have children. But then, I got pregnant and the moment I held my baby, I fell in love. All I wanted to do, believe it or not, was to stay at home with her,” recounts Woo who has two daughters, Tessa, nine, and Tia, four.

Motherhood, she admits, completely changed how she defined success.

“Before, it was all about recognition, money and status. I used to get such a thrill being the only woman in a boardroom full of men. It was really satisfying.

“But, raising a child is really so much more difficult and challenging. If you can ace motherhood, you can ace the boardroom … no problem at all. My definition of success now is all about raising useful adults. Money, status … all those are secondary,” says Woo

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aku masih suci okey!


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Hmm, aku xpasti aku paham ke tak maksud kau.