Tuesday, January 21, 2014

They are guilty before proven innocent

Petikan dari The Star Online:


The problem with protecting a child’s rights as pointed out by a psychologist friend of mine is that sometimes the parent’s rights as are being disrespected. “They (parents) are guilty before proven innocent,” she said referring to the Azizul Raheem and wife.

She also disagrees with the idea that the children be separated from their parents which she believed could do more harm than the hitting could have done.

“Imagine too the guilt that the 12-year-old son must have felt for what he had told his teacher had resulted in the parents being detained and now the children are reported to be unhappy.”

The psychologist who had lived in many countries around the world also observed how in some countries where children protection rights work to their advantage, some (children) had taken advantage of the law by making false reports against their own parents.

“Some would go as far as divorcing their parents, or accusing them of serious offences like rape just so they can have the freedom than they coveted.”


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t.a.t.a said... [Balasan]

Walaupun dah terbukti undang-undang ni menghasilkan budak yang agak kurang ajar, tapi ia tetap dilaksanakan, kan?

Sakit hati jugak bila baca kes tu.

Nizam.Ariff said... [Balasan]

cer pukul tangan org yang buat report tu lak...

cinta said... [Balasan]


ibarat suruh semua org pakai baju saiz S tak kira lah org tu saiz gergasi.

cinta said... [Balasan]


ha kan.. bagi dia rasa pukulan kasih syg tu camane.