Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Perempuan Mesti Bijak

Ada orang kata perempuan tak perlu belajar tinggi-tinggi. Belajar tinggi-tinggi akhirnya ke dapur juga.

Ada orang kata perempuan tak perlu pandai. Yang penting kahwin orang kaya. Duk rumah menghabiskan duit laki sudah.

Ada orang mencemuh bila perempuan yang belajar tinggi-tinggi akhirnya jadi suri rumahtangga. Kata mereka perempuan-perempuan ni menghabiskan duit mak bapak bayar yuran dan menghabiskan duit suami bayar pinjaman pengajian.

Pandai bukan setakat untuk dapat sijil dan cari kerja. Kalau ada yang fikir macam tu takziah aku ucapkan. Sempit sungguh pemikiran.

Hari ni sekali lagi sains membuktikan bahawa perempuan mesti jadi pandai untuk melahirkan generasi yang bijaksana.

Tak percaya? Baca ni:

Children's intelligence is inherited from their mothers, study finds


New research has challenged past idea that intelligence comes from both the mother and father.

Sep 15, 2016

New research published in Psychology Spot has found that genes behave differently depending on whether they're passed from your mum or dad - and when it comes to smarts, that can only come from mum.

That's because the genes that determine intelligence are found on the X chromosomes, and women have two of those while men only have one. Even if smarts are passed on from the father's side, it simply stays "deactivated" because of the gender of the origin.

Another study from Scotland in 1994 surveyed subjects aged 14 to 22 and found that the best indicator of their IQ's was the IQ's of their mothers.

But it's not just genetics that factor into a child's intelligence. Previous studies have also found that mothers' physical and emotional contact with their children can impact how well they learn.

The University of Minnesota found that children who've formed strong bonds with their mothers have the ability to play complex symbolic games by the age of two.

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